Movies of Delray/Lake Worth

2019-2020 Met Opera Season

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Opening Friday, August 2

The Other Story

THE OTHER STORY (Israel/Drama) Renowned filmmaker Avi Nesher’s latest film THE OTHER STORY tells a suspenseful, poignant, and humorous story through the eyes of two rebellious young women from two troubled families that tangle in the most unexpected ways in Jerusalem. As the characters’ warring personal convictions and intimate anxieties clash, the secular and religious world views they hold dear also come to embody the struggle for identity reflecting present-day Israel.


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Daniel Hope

Wednesday, July 24 at 1:00pm

at Movies of Delray

Daniel Hope is one of the greatest violinists of our age: an internationally-celebrated star, who performs on the greatest concert stages from Beijing through London to New York, and who is part of the avant-garde of a new, young generation of classical musicians. His biography is a story of an extraordinary career, a story of escape, expulsion and desire for self-discovery. The documentary HOPE tells the story of his life, reflects present and past, and questions the compulsion and restlessness of such an international career.​

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