Foreign Films with Shelly Isaacs

Tuesday, December 18th, 7:30pm 

 The Movies of Delray 


Acclaimed as One of the Top Ten Films of the Year

21 International Awards, Including:

 2018 Cannes Film Festival Critics Award for Best Director & Technical Artist

National Board of Review - Top Foreign Films

 Los Angeles Film Critics - Best Supporting Actor/Best Foreign Film (Tied with Shoplifters)


Burning - 2018 - Korea - 140 Min.

A searing examination of an alienated young man, Jongsu, a frustrated introvert whose already difficult life is complicated by the appearance of two people into his orbit: first, Haemi, a spirited woman who offers romantic possibility, and then Ben, a wealthy and sophisticated young man she returns from a trip with.  When Jongsu learns of Ben's mysterious hobby and Haemi suddenly disappears, his confusion and obsessions begin to mount, culminating in a stunning finale.


"Burning is a character study that morphs, with masterly patience, subtlety and nary a single wasted minute, into a teasing mystery and eventually a full-blown thriller."

- Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times


" South Korea's official Oscar submission, Burning culminates in a finale so astonishing that it will sear itself into viewers' memories for years to come."        - Sonia Rao, Washington Post


"While each event expands the narrative - filling in the larger picture with nods at sexual relations, class divisions and a riven people - they don't necessarily explain what happens or answer the fundamental question that burns through this brilliant movie."

- Manohla Dargis, The New York Times 


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