Foreign Films with Shelly Isaacs

Friday, August 18th,1pm 
The Movies of Lake Worth

Polina - 2016 - France - 108min.

Inspired by a bestselling graphic novel, Polina follows a young ballerina, as she rises from a family of modest means in Russia. Taking her from a beginner at the Bolshoi Academy across Europe on a journey of self discovery and transformation, realizing that there is more to the art of dance than she ever imagined.

"This is a film for those who love dance, naturally, but also for those who wish to watch an uplifting story of personal fulfillment."                                  
 Vittoria Scarpa, CineEuropa

"Meets that standard of art, as a film that can enrapture even an audience that has never seen Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire."
- Harvey Karten, Compuserve Reviews

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RED is for Movies of Delray
BLUE is for Movies of Lake Worth

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